2.0 Introduction

This may be your first introduction to family law. You may know something about some of your legal rights and obligations as a spouse or a parent but not much about others. This chapter will help you develop an understanding of the key legal and financial decisions you are going to be facing. Through the help of charts, worksheets, and expert tips, you will learn about the key issues you face and start preparing to discuss and negotiate settling them.

The four key issues many separating couples face are:

  • Care of the children
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property division

You might find that some of these issues don’t apply to you.  Be sure to read the ones that do apply and fill out the worksheets that go along with them.  Once you’ve got a good handle on your financial and legal situation, you can start developing a position that will help you reach an agreement with your former spouse.