4.10 Quiz


  1. Which of these is NOT a key characteristic of family mediation?
    Impartial and neutral mediators
    Settlement guaranteed
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  3. What should you do before meeting with an FJC?
    Gather and bring financial documents to meeting
    Prepare your children to attend your FJC meeting
    Make a list of all the reasons you dislike your former spouse
    All of the above
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  5. If I’m going to court, a lawyer must represent me.
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  7. What are unbundled legal services?
    The agreement between you and a lawyer that describes the nature and duties of each of you.
    The service of delivering your legal documents to your former spouse.
    Limited services a lawyer provides to a client, defined ahead of time.
    A free legal advice service
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  9. What can Family Duty Counsel help you with?
    Serve documents for you
    Give you written legal advice
    Understanding your legal rights
    Your tax issues
    All of the above
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  11. Lawyer referral services offer...
    A 30 minute meeting with a lawyer for $25
    A 1 hour meeting with a lawyer for $25
    A lawyer to represent you at trial
    A lawyer to take on your case for $100
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  13. Which professionals can help with your separation?
    Financial professionals
    Medical professionals
    Parenting Coordinators
    All of the above
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4.10 Quiz