9.25 Seizing a Judge


Seizing a Judge online form.

Most people assume that they will only have one judge for all of their hearings throughout the court process. In reality, many family law cases involve a number of different hearings in front of a number of different judges. In both the Provincial and Supreme Court, judges move from hearing to hearing instead of being there for all court appearances. While you will only have one trial judge, you are likely to face a different judge from one hearing to the next. 

This can cause problems, especially for self-represented litigants. While judges do their best to catch up on your case, they may not have a full understanding of the details and complexities of your case. If they have not dealt with you before, the reality is that they may not have all of the facts that your previous judge may have had. 

Sometimes, it is in your best interest to request to have all of your court proceedings before the same judge. Requesting that a specific judge sit at your appearance or having a judge seize themselves of your case would result in having the same judge at your trial.

You can request to appear before the same judge by completing the form online. Follow the instructions and fill out the form completely. As you are filling it out, keep in mind that the courts cannot guarantee that your request will be granted.