8.12 Fixing Errors in your Submitted Court Forms


See the LSS Guide for serving documents in Provincial Court and Supreme Court

Making changes to your submitted Supreme Court BC submitted court forms:

  • You can make one set of changes, however major or minor, any time before the Notice of Trial is filed
  • you can make another set of changes if you get the written consent of the other party
  • to make additional changes, you need to get the court's permission

Law Guide:

Supreme Court Family Rules:
8-1 Amending pleadings 

How to make the changes:

  • Marking -mark all of your changes by underlining them in red
  • Title - Change the title of the document to start with the word Amended, such as the Amended Notice of Family Claim. If you are changing an amended document the title of the new document starts with Further Amended, (e.g. Further Amended Notice of Family Claim).
  • The Rule - You'll also need to add to the top of the first page the rule allowing you to make these changes and when the original document was filed.

E.g. For a change made before delivery of the Notice of Trial, write:

"Amended pursuant to Rule 8-1(1)(a)
Original filed on 5 July 2015."

  • File and Serve - file the amended documents in the court registry where the action was started and serve them on the other side by ordinary service within seven days.