1.2 Goal Setting Worksheet


Use this goal setting worksheet to consider some of your big picture goals. Before you begin to work things out, you may want to suggest that your former spouse also take some time to set some big picture goals.


Part 1

To start, consider your approach to working out an agreement. What are your priorities? Select how much you agree with each of the statements below. 

    Statement Strongly
  Disagree    Neutral   Agree Strongly
I want an agreement that is best for our children
I want to keep my stress levels low
I want to work things out, without spending a lot of money
I want to settle quickly
I want to settle without going to court
I want our agreement to  be fair to both of us


Part 2

Consider what is most important to you as you move forward. Try to be realistic and specific. List two goals to achieve in a positive separation agreement.




1.2 Goal Setting Worksheet