2.17 Quiz

  1. A budget is a recording of how much money comes in and out of your household.
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  3. Select the steps you should take when separating:
    Have a credit card in your own name
    Get an appraisal of your assets
    Make a list of all your debts
    Review and update insurance coverage and will.
    All of the above
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  5. If you are married you can use which law?
    Only the Family Law Act
    Only the Divorce Act
    Either the Family Law Act or the Divorce Act
    Neither the Family Law Act or the Divorce Act
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  7. Which of these couples are NOT spouses?
    Bob and Jane are married
    Susan and Lindsay have live together in a marriage-like relationship for 3 years
    Sam and Tim have a child together and have lived together for 1 year.
    Erin and Adam have lived together for 14 months.
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  9. Parents must make sure all their decisions regarding parenting are in the best interests of their children.
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  11. Parents that don't live with their children don’t need to pay child support.
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  13. Which of the following would not be considered a special expense for children?
    Cost of Tutor
    Piano lesson expenses
    Dental bills
    Pizza dinner
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  15. Which one of the following provides guidance on how to calculate spousal support?
    The Spousal Act
    The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines
    The Family Guidelines
    The Child Support Guidelines
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  17. Courts will generally divide family property:
    100% to the spouse that bought it
    70% to the spouse that used it the most
    Won’t divide family property
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2.17 Quiz