2.3 Monthly Budget Worksheet


A budget describes the flow of money during a specific period of time. It lists income (money that comes in) and expenses (money paid out). It also shows profit and loss, as the difference between the two.

Complete this worksheet for a 1 month period using estimates if necessary. Think carefully about ALL of your regular expenses. Average out your annual expenses per month and include special expenses that might come up. If you produce a budget for each month of the year, you will have an annual budget.



INCOME ($ coming in) Month of
$ Amount
Other income
Total Assets (A)



EXPENSES ($ going out)
$ Amount
Household Expenses
Transportation Costs
-Public transit
Personal Expenses
-Groceries (in)
-Restaurants/bars (out)
Medical Expenses
Other Expenses


Net Worth

BALANCE ($ Difference): Income – Expenses



2.3 Monthly Budget Worksheet