3.3 Managing Your Emotions Worksheet


Answer the following questions honestly. Don’t think about them too much. Just select how much you agree with each of the statements below.  Refer to this worksheet whenever you feel your emotions getting away from you.


    Statement Strongly
 Disagree   Neutral   Agree Strongly
I can’t stand to look at my former spouse. I’m so upset.
I’ll probably start crying/yelling if I have this conversation right now.
I’m having trouble thinking clearly
I’m so nervous/anxious. I can’t communicate clearly.
I feel physically unwell


1) Acknowledge your feelings
  • Since the relationship ended, I feel...
  • When I think about my separation, I feel...

It’s OK to feel bad! But there is an appropriate time and place to express these feelings. If you scored high and you agree strongly with many of the statements above, use the next section to brainstorm methods to overcome emotional turmoil.


2) Your Support Network
  • When I feel bad, I can talk to...
3) Get Active
  • I can be physically healthy by...
4) Refocus
  • To help me stay focused and on point, I will...

3.3 Managing Your Emotions Worksheet