3.5 Am I Ready for this Conversation Test


Are you ready to start working things out with your former spouse? Completing this test will give you a good idea about where you stand. In the first section, consider each statement and then select how much you agree with each of the statements below. 

     Statement Strongly
  Disagree   Neutral   Agree Strongly
I can’t stand to look at my former spouse. I’m so upset.
I’ll probably start crying/yelling if I have this conversation right now.
I’m having trouble thinking clearly
I’m so nervous/anxious. I can’t communicate clearly.
I feel physically unwell


What am I feeling?
What can I do to feel better?

If you scored high on these questions, or are feeling unwell, you are not ready to have a conversation with your former spouse. That’s OK. Right now, your main job is not to work out an agreement, but to heal. You should focus on feeling better, rather than on the stress of making decisions about key separation issues. Refer back to 3.1- Managing your Emotions to brainstorm ways to feel better.


3.5 Am I Ready for this Conversation Test