4.0 Introduction

Talking and negotiating with your former spouse can be very challenging. You may wish to have a professional help you through this process.  There are a number of professionals that have the expertise in resolving separation issues. Knowing when and how to seek professional can save you time and money. We will discuss some options available to you and best practices for using these options.

 In particular we will discuss:

  • Mediators- A mediator is a neutral third party that helps facilitate discussions between you and your former spouse and helps you resolve your disputes.
  • Family Justice Counsellors - Family Justice Counsellors are trained professionals who work with separating and divorcing people with the goal of helping them settle their disagreements out of court.
  • Lawyers –Are legal expertise that can assist you by giving you advice on your legal rights and responsibilities and help you with your legal case or act as your representative.
  • Free and Low Cost Legal Help –there are a number of options available for you to get the legal information and advice you need for a lower or free cost.
  • Other Professionals – Professionals such as financial advisors, arbitrators, psychologists or counsellors can provide you with assistance. Separation can be a difficult time, you may be facing new situations or challenges, but there are professionals that can help if you need them.