10.0 Introduction

Going to your trial or hearing might be a new experience for you.   It’s natural to be feeling a little anxious.  But the more prepared you are for court the less nervous you will be. Being prepared will also help you get a favourable outcome as you will be able to present a stronger case in court. 

Before you head into the courtroom you should:

  • Prepare you evidence
  • Prepare your legal argument
  • Prepare for Presenting in court, and
  • Prepare for being in the courtroom.

This chapter will cover these topics and get you ready for your day in court. Be sure to follow along with the material and make use of the worksheets provided.   

Chapter content:

1. Prepare your evidence

  1. Documents
    1. Trial Binder
    2. Presenting documents
  2. Witness
    1. Preparing witnesses
    2. Subpoena

2. Prepare your argument 

  • Opening
  • Questions
    • Direct Examination
    • Cross-Examination
  • Closing

3. Presentation Skills

4. Courtroom Orientation

  • The courtroom
  • Role of the judge
  • Seizing a judge
  • Courtroom etiquette

5. Managing stress