9.13 Supreme Court Process



Steps to a Supreme Court Process

If you are pursuing your family case in the Supreme Court, you will want to understand what the road ahead will look like. But remember, just like in the Provincial Court, you can settle at any time. In fact, it’s only a small fraction of cases that make it to trial. 

The Steps to Supreme Court:

Step 1: File and serve your claim and response

Step 2: Attend Judicial Case Conference

Step 3: Attend a Trial Management Conference

Step 4: Settlement Conference

Step 5: Attend Trial

You can see the discovery process (the exchange of information) on the right occurs after step 1 and continues until trial. You can also make an interim application anytime before trial. Discovery and interim applications will be discussed in more detail in this chapter.  Along the other side you can see that you can reach a settlement at any point throughout the process. Refer to Chapters 3 and 5 to learn more about reaching agreements.