4.8 Other Professionals

There are a number of professionals that you can turn to when you need some extra help during your separation. Here a few which are often used by separating individuals.

Financial Professionals – With separation comes financial change. Speaking to a financial advisor or an accountant can help you set your finances in order. Whether it is support payments, property or debt division or just setting up a personal budget, having a good understanding of your money will make separating easier.

Parenting Coordinators Parenting coordinators are professionals who can help you resolve day-to-day conflicts about parenting agreements or parenting orders. To learn more about parenting coordinators visit the BC Parenting Coordination website.

Medical Professionals –Separating can be a stressful time. That stress can build up and cause you harm if you don’t take care of yourself. Speaking with a doctor or psychologist may help you deal with the stress and how to stay healthy.

Arbitrators- Arbitrators play a private judge-like role. A family law arbitrator will make binding decisions to resolve family law issues out of court.