10.16 Before Court Checklist



1.  Have I reviewed all the court documents including the initial documents that started the claim and the responses?

2.  Do I have a clear understanding of the timeline of my case. Would I be able to tell the judge in chronological order the history of the court proceedings? (eg. When the claim was filed, any responses filed, any previous interim orders made, etc.) 

3.  Have I prepared all my witnesses? Let them know where and when to come?

4.  Have I prepared a trial binder? 

5.  Have I made 3 copies of my document evidence?

6.  Am I bringing the original and copies of all my document evidence?

7.  Have I prepared my opening, questions, and closing?

8.  Am I going to wear appropriate clothing in court?

9.  Am I going to eat a healthy breakfast before court?

10.  Am I getting a good night sleep before going to court?  

11.  I know the time and place of my court appearance and plan to arrive early



10.16 Before Court Checklist