Chapter 11


  1. To get a consent order both you and your spouse need to agree to the order
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  3. After a trial, once you have written up the order you must:
    Have the judge proof read it
    File it at the registry
    Store it in a safe place
    Do nothing
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  5. You can refuse to sign an order because you don’t think the judge was fair.
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  7. The Family Maintenance Enforcement Program...
    Is a free service
    Enforces support payments
    Can be used by anyone with a support order
    Can be used by anyone with a filed separation agreement
    All of the above
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  9. If your former spouse isn’t paying child support, you don’t have to let him have the kids during his weekend.
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  11. When might a court make changes to your order?
    If the child’s needs and circumstances have changed since the order was made.
    If you have important evidence that wasn’t available when order was made
    If the conditions, finances, needs and circumstances of a spouse has changed
    All of the above
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