Chapter 9


  1. At what point in time during either court process can you try to settle?
    After your first appearance
    Before a reply is served
    Trying to settle is pointless once you've started the court process
    At any point in time up until your trial
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  3. Who must take the PAS course?
    All parents
    All spouses applying in provincial court
    All parents under rule 5 applying in provincial court
    All parents under rule 21 applying in provincial court
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  5. If I am applying in Supreme Court I will not be able to take the PAS course.
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  7. Who makes opening statements first at a trial?
    The claimant
    The respondent
    The judge
    Whoever wins the coin toss
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  9. When I am conducting an examination for discovery I can do all of the following except:
    Ask questions related to my case
    Ask questions about documents
    Ask the court reporter to not attend
    Bring my lawyer with me
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  11. Which of the following do interim orders not deal with?
    Orders restricting communications
    Final orders about care of children
    Temporary spousal support
    Ordering a party to share financial documents
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  13. What does seizing a judge mean?
    Stopping a judge from deciding your case
    Requesting a specific judge to sit at all your court proceedings
    Requesting a new judge for your trial
    A punishable crime of physically grabbing a judge
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