5.12 Quiz


  1. Parenting Plans are mandatory for parents that separate.
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  3. Separation Agreements are only for unmarried couples.
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  5. What should you do when trying to create a separation agreement?
    Set clear objectives
    Stay future focused
    Collaborate on solutions
    Listen to what your former spouse is saying
    All of the above
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  7. Before signing a separation agreement, I should...
    Get legal advice
    Start a court case
    Read it to my children
    Never sign a separation agreement
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  9. A separation agreement that is filed with the courts will be enforced and treated like a court order.
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  11. To get a divorce you need to prove:
    You’ve been separated one year
    You’ve been separated two years
    You are a common law couple
    You’ve been separated less than one year but plan to continue being separated
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  13. A desk-order divorce is:
    An uncontested divorce (you apply together or it is unopposed)
    You’ve settled over 50% of your issues
    For unmarried couples separating
    For couples who haven’t settled but don’t want to go to court.
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  15. All couples must go to court to separate.
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5.12 Quiz