5.2 Parenting Plan Worksheet



This parenting plan worksheet can help you and the other parent spell out the details of how you are going to parent. If you and the other parent develop a parenting plan, each of you should keep a copy.

Use the blank spaces below to type your responses. Once finished, you'll be able to print or save the document to your computer.


  • Parent:


  • Parent:

In the spaces provided below, give the full names and date of birth of each child. If any of your children have a different parent, indicate this after their name. 


Name of any other person with an interest in and relationship to child, e.g. grandparent, separated parent.

  • 1. Parenting goals
  • 2. Communication Ground Rules 
  • 3. Parenting Time Arrangements (list all options)
    • Week-to-week arrangements

    • Vacation times

    • Holidays

    • Special days (birthdays)

    • Special occasions (weddings, funerals, graduation)

    • School sports, church, and community events (parent-teacher conferences)

  • 4. Transportation Details
    • Transportation responsibilities, exchange times and places

    • Special instructions or restrictions 

  • 5. Telephone Schedule
    • When children are with Mom

    • When children are with Dad

  • 6. Long-distance parenting arrangements (if a parent lives more than 100 km away)
    • Yearly time-sharing schedule

    • Transportation details (including costs)

    • How information will be shared 

  • 7. Procedures for Making Decisions
    • How decisions will be made and by whom (education, day care, medical, culture and spiritual upbringing)?

    • Who will give (non-medical) consents for the child? 

    • Who will apply for a passport, license, permits and other benefits and privileges on behalf of the child? 

    • How will disagreements be resolved? 

  • 8. Procedures for Sharing Information
    • School-related information (report cards, disciplinary problems, school activities) 

    • Extracurricular activities

    • Health-related information (illnesses, checkups, prescriptions)

    • Community and special events 

  • 9. Agenda for a Parenting Meeting (on a monthly or weekly basis)
  • 10. Child Support
    • Amount (determined by the Child Support Guidelines) 

  • 11. Post-secondary Education 
    • Carried by whom? 

    • Contributions by parents

    • Financial planning options

  • 12. Health Insurance
    • Carried by whom? 

    • Procedure for making claims

5.2 Parenting Plan Worksheet