6.15 Quiz


  1. When applying for property division you would use which law?
    The Divorce Act
    The Family Law Act
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  3. If you are apply for a divorce you will apply at which court?
    The Supreme Court of BC
    The Provincial Court of BC
    The Supreme Court of Canada
    Any of the above
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  5. Which of these is the benefit of applying in provincial court?
    Less formal
    More locations
    No filing fees
    Less paperwork
    All of the above
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  7. Parents can make parenting arrangements however they want so long as they are in the best interests of the children.
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  9. The parent that pays child support must also pay all the children’s special expenses.
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  11. The spouse with the lowest income is automatically entitled to spousal support.
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  13. The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines are not mandatory and must be followed but are usually followed.
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  15. Mysupportcalculator.ca will help you calculate:
    Spousal support
    Child support
    Spousal and child support
    Property division
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  17. Unmarried spouses are entitled to less spousal support than married spouses
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  19. Which of these is not family property?
    A vacation home bought during the relationship
    RRSPs saved during the relationship
    Interest in a business made during the relationship
    A court award for pain and suffering granted during the relationship
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  21. Unmarried spouses applying for property division must apply within...
    2 years of separating
    1 year of separating
    1 year after signing a separation agreement
    No time limit
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6.15 Quiz