8.4 Affidavits

You might need to write an affidavit as part of your court case. An affidavit is a written statement of facts that you swear are true. Affidavits are often used as evidence to support your case when you are applying for interim (temporary) orders or consent orders. (You can’t usually rely on affidavits to get final orders, unless you both consent to the order.). Rather than testifying in the witness box, you can submit an affidavit to the court.  A witness may also swear an affidavit on an interim or consent order application, so long at the other party doesn’t want to question them about their evidence. It is important that an affidavit be properly written so it can help the judge make a decision.  

In this section, you will learn the important rules and tips on how to prepare an effective affidavit.

Take a look at our sample affidavit to get an idea of what one looks like if you are unfamiliar with it.