9.10 Attend a Trial Preparation Conference (TPC)

If your case is scheduled for trial, you may be sent to a trial preparation conference. If you have a TPC scheduled be sure to file and serve a Trial readiness statement (Form 22) 7 days before your TPC. You and your former spouse will be before a judge. TPCs occur before trial to ensure you are ready for trial. The purpose is to sort out any last minute issues, such as getting documents that are still undisclosed, or updating the judge on your witness list. The TPC usually happens six weeks before the trial date.

At the TPC, the judge can make any order or give any direction they consider appropriate, including:

  1. order you exchange witness lists
  2. order you exchange summaries of your evidence
  3. order you exchange documents that either of you plan to use at trial
  4. estimate the time required for trial
  5. set trial date

If you have a trial preparation conference you must file and serve your Trial Readiness Statement (Form 22) at least 7 days before the TPC os scheduled. 

What to expect:

  • You will be called from the court list and probably only be before the judge briefly  
  • There will likely be other people in the courtroom while you talk
  • If it looks like you won't be ready for the trial, the judge may adjourn, or postpone, the trial date

To prepare before you attend a TPC, be sure to fill out the Trial Preparation Conference Worksheet.