8.9 Affidavit Activity


Jane is writing an Affidavit to support her application for an interim order for the disclosure of Tom’s financial statement. Fill in the blank affidavit as if you were Jane. Use the information provided below to help you.

Jane Ann Smith and Tom Fredrick Smith are in the process of separating. They began living together July 2, 2000 and were married August 15, 2000. They have twin sons Mike Scott Smith and James Brian Smith, born June 22, 2005. They separated May 15, 2014. Jane filed a notice of family claim in Supreme Court of BC on November 2, 2014 and is claiming child and spousal support. She disclosed her financial statement to Tom January 3, 2015 and requested he do the same. Tom did not, so she sent him a letter January 28, 2015 requesting financial statements or information regarding his annual income. He still hasn’t done this.

She will swear her affidavit on February 5, 2015.


This is  
in this case
and was made

Court File No.: 23456

Court Registry: Vancouver

In the Supreme Court of British Columbia









Sworn (or affirmed) before me at

, British Columbia
A commissioner for taking

Affidavits in British Columbia




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8.9 Affidavit Activity