5.11 Conclusion

This course, so far, has been focused on helping you resolve your divorce or separation without having to go to court to battle it out. You’ve learned the basics of your legal rights and responsibilities as a spouse and a parent. Whether you’ve been able to come to an agreement or not, you have learnt some valuable skills in Communication, Negotiation, and Managing Your Emotions.

You’ll need to continue to use these skills even if you go to court. If at any time you feel you need extra help, refer back to the Chapter 4 on professionals who can help. Remember to practice the tips you learned about Taking Care of Yourself to keep you healthy and focused. This is even more important when you’re faced with a stressful court case. It may seem daunting right now but you can do it.

The rest of this course is focused on helping you through your court case. Read through each chapter carefully and do all the worksheets and activities to get well equipped and be on the way to a positive resolution.